Armstrong's passion for lighting shines through!
A family-owned business that has become nationally recognised supplier of residential and commercial applications, Armstrong strives to provide you with exceptional pre sales support as well post sale service.

With projects ranging from simple retro fits to multi million pound installations, Armstrong Lighting can help you find the right light for any installation need. Whether your project is small or large in scope; we have an expert team of industry professionals who will work seamlessly with our clients so they feel 100% at ease during their experience with us!

We are more than just a company that provides lighting. We take pride in being family-owned, with each employee having an important role to play within our organisation so they can make sure your needs as well as ours will always receive top priority!

We're here to help you - no matter your skill level or experience. We know that every lighting project is different and will take varying amounts of time for completion, but our team can guide the way through each stage so it goes off without a hitch!


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