Coastal lighting at night

Do I need particular outdoor lighting if I live by the coast? In a word, YES.

Let's face it, we all love to be beside the seaside but if you've ever installed standard outdoor light fittings to your home or in your garden you've probably notice them rust. Your beautiful exterior lighting rusting away can be demoralising but ultimately can be avoided.

Exposure to sea spray, salty air, humidity and extreme weather conditions can corrode metal light fittings rapidly. Saline rich conditions can cause severe rusting due to the high concentration of chloride ions which is damaging to most metals.

However, do not despair! Armstrong Lighting carry a comprehensive range of wall lights, bollard lights, decking lights and brick lights that are constructed of marine grade stainless steel (316L). Unlike standard grade 304 steel, 316L is a molybdenum alloyed steel and is the preferred use in marine and coastal environments due to its resistance to pitting corrosion. Also 316L in it's original colour (silver) is water resistant and will not tarnish ever!

If you're installing outdoor lighting within five miles of the coast take a look at our complete range of coastal marine grade lights. We have great options for your home, garden, pier, jetty or promenade. What's more, all products are covered by our comprehensive warranty as standard.

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