Why you should consider pendant lighting in the kitchen

The kitchen serves as the hub of many homes. Thus, it requires adequate lighting that not only provides illumination but helps to highlight the room's design. Placing pendants in the kitchen ensures sufficient light for cooking and adds extra style and warmth.

Pendants offer a unique opportunity to emphasize existing decoration without using up much countertop space. Depending on your kitchen furniture, pendants range from highly classic crystal lighting to modern classics.

Choosing the right pendant for your kitchen

Pendant lights offer unbeatable versatility when it comes to lighting solutions for homeowners. They come in different shapes and sizes and provide perfect lighting according to your preferences.  There are three main factors to consider when determining the best pendant: size, placement, and personal preference. How many pendants you place over an object depends on the size of the object you are looking to highlight.

For instance, when looking to highlight a solid object such as a table or countertop, we suggest you use an odd number of pendants. The spacing depends on the diameter of the pendant, and the type of pendant depends on your taste and preferences or the decor in your kitchen.

Pendant ideas for the kitchen

The colour of the pendant for the kitchen depends on your taste. For instance, if you want to combine a modern look with a touch of wildness to yield a youthful aesthetic, consider cherry red pendants.  Although lighting trends seem to move fast in a considerably short time, mini pendants have somehow managed to remain in style. Their dominance in the market could be due to their versatility and aesthetic value they offer.

We offer different lighting solutions, including LED pendants for the kitchen. Contact us today for lighting products - both indoor and outdoor.

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