How to enhance your home's ambiance with table lamps

Table lamps are an essential décor piece that enhance the ambiance of any room in your home. There are so many different types of table lamps and night lamps to choose from, so you can find an option that really suits your style and adds to the atmosphere of your space. Using table lamps in addition to overhead lighting makes your room feel warmer and more welcoming, and can counteract the harshness that often comes with using overhead lamps. Here are some fun and creative ways to decorate with table lamps.

Get creative with lamp shades

Even if you go for a fairly traditional base with your table lamps or bedroom lamps, you can show off your style with unique lampshades. Choosing a uniquely shaped option is a great way to draw the eye in and make your space look more modern. If your style is more on the bohemian side, a colorful lampshade is an excellent way to complement your existing décor, or even add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral room.

Place lamps on dining or coffee tables

When you think about table lamps, you traditionally picture them on a nightstand or a side table in your living room. However, you can switch things up by placing a table lamp in the middle of a dining table, on a kitchen island, or on a coffee table. This décor choice immediately evokes thoughts of a classy café or restaurant, with pools of light illuminating every table and creating a romantic ambiance. To make this décor idea work, choose small lamps that won't take over the entire table.

Use table lamps where you would normally use wall lights

It's common to use wall lights in spaces like your bathroom, hallway, or even in your living room by the fireplace. And although wall lights can be beautiful, you can make a real statement by using a brass table lamp instead. It gives the space a caring, cozy touch and makes it feel more welcoming. If you want to save space, opt for sleek, modern lamps with thin shades that won't stick out.

Put your bedroom lamps on stacked books

No nightstand? No problem. Shabby-chic minimalism is popular right now, so you can get creative and find another place to put your lamps. For example, you can opt for a stack of your favourite books, or for a more industrial feel, you can stack milk crates on top of each other. Don't feel limited by tradition - you can put your lamps wherever you feel compelled.

Use translucent shades for more light

If you're decorating a dark space, your first inclination might be to pick a large floor lamp or overhead light. And while those options can be effective, sometimes a table light actually makes the space feel more inviting - even if it doesn't technically cast as much light. If you want to brighten up your space, make sure to use translucent shades, which will cast a nice glow. You can even get creative with coloured bulbs for a fun look, particularly in a laid-back entertainment room.

Mix and match

If you're putting more than one table lamp in a space, there's no rule that says they have to match. In fact, you can often make more of an impact by using a few different styles, as long as they are cohesive and fit with the rest of the décor.

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